About Pookie

"Pookie from Laredo" is my alter Texas ego.  (That’s me on the left in the photo).  I’m a lover of all things FRENCH, all things “girlie” and feminine, all things vintage, especially haute couture, and anything that’s the color RED.  I’m really not from Laredo, but I am a TEXAN who has lived in Australia for the past 18 years.                         
I first became Pookie from Laredo a few years ago while visiting my son who lives in France.  Our month-long backpacking trip took us to the beautiful town of Avignon where we happened to run into two women who were speaking with real Texas drawls.  This was the same drawl I had, myself, spent many years trying to tone down, but I just couldn’t resist reinventing myself as Pookie from Laredo.                                  
I always imagine that one day in France, as I parrott in my best Texas accent, “Hi, my name’s Pookie.  I’m from Laredo.  Where are YA’LL from?” that I will actually meet someone from Laredo who will reply, “Well, can you believe that?  We’re from Laredo, too.  And then will come the dreaded question….What street do YOU live on?”                                                    
You can see the problem…                                                
But, not even the possibility of total humiliation has stopped me, though.  I still break into my Pookiepersona at the drop of a hat.  I really should set a better example for my son, but I just can’t help myself.


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